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Bona and Swiffer are hardwood floor cleaning products each of which has its pros and cons that we will discuss later in this excerpt. A new or polished hardwood floor, on the other hand, is appealing and helps enhance the overall home décor, however, hardwood floors take a lot of beating because of foot traffic, the extra burden exerted by furniture among other heavy pieces of equipment.

Given the above your hardwood floor is susceptible to scuffs and scratches, which makes the floor look dull over time; apart from the above hard floors can be notorious in hiding dirt at least when compared to tiles. Dust can very well settle in between the floorboards including fur from your pets, the above then calls for a systemized cleaning routine that will not only remove dirt but preserve your hardwood floor’s natural beauty.

So for your hardwood floor cleaning routine, we have two effective products “Bona and Swiffer” with which we are going to compare and determine the best for your hardwood floor; before we learn more about the hardwood cleaning products, let us orient ourselves with the types of hardwood floor finishes

Before using the commercial hardwood floor cleaners, homeowners need to be sure of their types of floor finish, some of the common floor finishes are the shellac, varnish, the oil-based finish, water-based and moisture-cured polyurethane among others. So, of the above, there are a few best surface finishes for hardwood such as the water-based polyurethane known to offer a clear finish while providing a traditional feel and look.

Aluminum oxide is also a good finish that can give you a service of up to 25 years, there is also the hard wax oil finish that will service you for only 3years but it does offer a natural finish and is easy to apply. In essence what we are saying is that when you are choosing a finish for your hardwood floor ensure that it is something that you can work with in terms of cleaning, and maintenance. Durability is also of the utmost importance because some finishes will look dull and old when cleaned with commercial detergents.

Bona hardwood vs Swiffer hardwood floor cleaner

Bona is a water-based solution, which is formulated to gently remove grime, dust, and dirt; bona hardwood floor cleaner boasts of being residue-free and dries just as fast. Swiffer hardwood floor cleaner, on the other hand, is known to break and dissolve tough messes on your floor, the cleaning solution works by first loosening the dirt, and then lifts it off the floor.

To achieve the above with the Swiffer hardwood floor cleaner you must also purchase the wet jet mop wood floor kit, which will pull dirt and grime from the ground to the wet jet pad and lock it away. Most commercial cleaning products claim to be safe for use in homes that have toddlers and pets, and while this might be true; the detergents have also been found to cause some serious irritation to the skin after long exposure, some will affect the eyes in case of contact and are detrimental if swallowed.

For Bona hardwood cleaner, therefore, users are assured of its safety for use in homes with families and pets, and just to hit the point home, they have a GREENGUARD Gold certification that further emphasizes how safe the product is for use in homes. When it comes to Swiffer there is no proof that it has been passed as a safe home use detergent but the company has categorically stated that the product has incorporated a safe formula that dries fast.

Commercial cleaning products cannot just be used on any surface; they are, therefore, formulated for use on specific surfaces. Bona, for example, can only be used on polyurethane finished surface, and both the unwaxed and unoiled surfaces. Swiffer on the other hand can be used on all hardwood surfaces except the ones stated below, the waxed wooden boards, the unfinished hardwood surfaces, the oiled hardwood surfaces, and the non sealed tiles or carpeted floors, as they could be water sensitive.

Bona Hardwood floor cleaner

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Refill - 128 fl oz - Unscented - Refill for Bona Spray Mops and Spray Bottles - Residue-Free Floor Cleaning Solution for Wood Floors
  • ECONOMY SIZED REFILL: Easily refill any Bona floor cleaner spray bottle or mop cartridge
  • CLEANER FLOORS: Residue-free, fast drying solution that gently removes dust, dirt, and grime to reveal the floor's natural shine
  • CLEANER INGREDIENTS: Always water-based and biodegradable and formulated without formaldehyde, ammonia, petroleum, phosphates, phthalates, parabens, added dyes, or added scents
  • QUICK & EASY TO USE: Splash-less technology and a wide handle provide extra control for a smooth pour
  • SAFE FOR HARDWOOD: Protect your floor from discoloration and harm with our pH neutral formulation. Safe for all unwaxed, unoiled, polyurethane finished wood floors

Bona hardwood floor cleaner is packed in a ready to use container, you, therefore, don’t have to worry about mixing or measuring or even rinsing because all you have to do is just to spray. Homeowners can also buy the refill so that they don’t necessarily have to throw away their spray bottle instead just refill and use.

The water-based cleaning solution dries up quickly so your household can go back to their normal routine in no time, it is additionally safe for the respective wood floors, and has the GREEN GOLD certification that assures users of very low VOC emissions thus improves indoor air quality.


  • Removes dirt dust and grime and preserves the woods natural beauty
  • Does not leave the floor tacky and neither does it leave any residue
  • Dries fast
  • The hardwood floor cleaner is ready to use


  • Leaves a cloudy appearance on the floor
  • Dark hardwood floors are left with a film

Swiffer hardwood floor cleaner

Swiffer WetJet (Pack of 6)
  • For best end results on your floor, use with Swiffer WetJet mopping pads
  • Safe* & fast drying formula *do not use on unfinished, oiled or waxed wooden boards, non-sealed tiles or carpeted floors because they may be water sensitive
  • There's the perfect Swiffer WetJet solution for any cleaning need! Scents available in: Open Window Fresh with the Power of Dawn, Febreze Lavender Vanilla & Comfort, Gain, Sweet Citrus & Zest, and Wood Edition
  • Reveals the natural beauty of your floors

To benefit from this hardwood cleaner, you will have to also get the Swiffer wet jet wood floor spray mop, which features a unique nozzle sprayer. The cleaning solution works on all finished hardwood floors, by trapping dirt and grime into the pad so you don’t push it around while cleaning.

And if you were worried about the texture of the mop then it might interest you to know that it features a microfiber pad-like material that when combined with the cleaning solution will reveal the natural beauty of your finished hardwood floors.


  • Available with nice smelling scents
  • Dissolves greasy, tough and sticky dirt
  • The formulation is safe and fast drying
  • Returns the shine on hardwood floors


  • Leaves a streaky cloudy film behind
  • Some floors lackluster


Well, both the floor cleaning products are effective thus the homeowners will definitely have a hard time choosing one to settle with. We, however, choose to go with the Bona Hardwood floor cleaner mainly because it is safe for use by humans and for the environment. The cleaning solution has additionally been awarded the GREEN GUARD GOLD safety certificate; Bona comes in a ready to use economy size re-fill and the splashless technology makes it easy to use.

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