Quick-Step Laminate Reviews

A laminate floor provides more choices than any other form of flooring. It is often seen as the best option for flooring needs, largely because of its superior selection and low price. You can be sure that the laminate floor will provide you the look you want for your home and likely at a lower cost than you would expect!

Quick-Step Laminate: The Leading Choice

Consumers have been discovering that there are many perks of laminate floors installed in their homes rather than the conventional hardwood flooring. Laminate flooring is made of three to seven layers of materials, making it extremely tough and durable.

One of the many layers of the laminate flooring is made by making use of photographic images, which cause the floor to appear like authentic or real hardwoods with color, grain, and knots.

One of the best type of laminate flooring is the Quick-Step laminate, just like the usual laminate floors, it is made of four layers, wherein the first layer is balancing board, placed at the base and make sure will not bow or cup when setup. Another layer is the core; this offers the floors its moisture resistance and durability. The third layer is the design, which allows the floor to imitate real materials perfectly like stone or wood. Then the last layer is resin and topped with the final layer of a water-resistant, transparent overlay. This gives protection as opposed to stains, spills, any impact, household layers as well as scratches.

Quick-Step Laminate is very tough and is able to last for almost two decades or more. Because of this, it is highly suggested for rooms which experience high foot traffic. Therefore, it is also the ideal choice for busy family homes as it is extremely scratch resistant and waterproof. Stains and spillages are things of the past as well. When a spill happens just clean immediately to avoid long term damage. Aside from the durability and longevity feature, another remarkable feature of Quick-Step is its low maintenance. This type of laminate just needs to warm soapy mop and daily sweep to keep the great and high-quality.

What are the Features of Quick-Step Laminate?

Quick-Step Laminate is indeed one of the best and most sought after types of flooring in modern times. It helps in keeping your flooring superb and improves the looks of your home in general. Quick-Step Laminate is integrated with remarkable features, which is one reason for its popularity.

There is no need to stress the spillage. This amazing type of flowing is integrated with an amazing feature that assures that protects against messes and everyday spills. Do you have a plan of installing it in your kitchen; don’t worry as this flooring is able to withstand spills.

Do you have a hectic schedule or busy life? You don’t have to worry as this flooring is able to handle it. Every floor is made with a tough surface coating, which stands to the foot traffic and scuffs which come with an active family. And this flooring is extremely tough as it resists paint, nail polish as well as a permanent marker.

The tough and sturdy plunks not just sound and look real, but made for many days to come. A tough thickness and the exclusive direct-pressure laminate construction, meaning these are made to last.

Styles may come and go, but this type of flooring will not go out of style. The textures and colors are intended to go along with any style décor with natural hue shading as well as grain.

Setting up is quick and fast with a click-lock system as well as an attached pad. Therefore, setting up a new Quick-Step laminate floor makes a remarkable weekend project.

Quickstep laminate flooring is a superior and first-rate laminate that provides you the look and feels of conventional and established hardwood flooring but with many remarkable perks over wood.

Is Quick-Step Laminate Cheap?

Quick-Step laminate is very much affordable compared to hardwood flooring. Because laminate is made by covering compound wood with a look of real wood, it costs far less to purchase. If you have a plan of re-installing the flooring of your entire home, the disparity in price between hardwood and laminate can run to many thousand dollars. What is more, the cost of getting the service of a skilled installer tends to be less when you are setting up a Quick-Step laminate than when you are using hardwood. We are not telling you that is not a place for conventional hardwood in your if your house is a period property with lots of original features, and you are likely to market it as antique when the time comes to sell, hardwood might well give a higher return in the long run. This is because it appeals to many buyers. However, if the budget is a huge issue, Quick-Step laminate is a perfect choice.

Is Quick-Step Laminate Tough and Durable?

Quick-Step laminate is made to survive scratches and to be tough and durable enough. Even if the wood has the edge that you can sand down as well as re-varnish any harmed or scratched parts, this is annoying, time-consuming, and often specialist work and may not be likely if a big part of the floor is damaged or when scratches run deep.


A lot of Quick-Step laminate lines are specifically intended for application in bathrooms, utility rooms, kitchens, as well as other parts of your home that are exposed to a high level of moisture and humidity. So meaning, there is no need to worry about damp or spillages, as the flooring is made to survive this. Solid wood flooring isn’t perfect for bathrooms and kitchens because it is affected by a high level of dampness or humidity. If you do want to set up solid wood flooring in these parts of your home, you will require lacquers and make sure precautions during the process of installation and in daily use to keep away from harming the flooring.


Quick-Step Laminate reviews show that this product is not just cheap, safe, and durable, but they are also very stylish. Quick-Step has a vast array of well made and beautifully designed and realistic laminate flooring from conventional hardwood designs to exotic bamboos, ceramics, tiles, and many others to choose from.


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