Quick Step Flooring Reviews

Flooring is a crucial aspect of any property that can enhance its value and appeal, so it is just right to invest on high quality flooring brand. If you invest on high quality floors, you and your entire family will be able to experience not just enjoyment, safety, comfort, and convenience but also able to create a resort-like quality into your home. When it comes to selling your property, high-quality and beautiful flooring will increase not just the value but also the salability.

Are you looking for the best flooring brand? You have come to the right place. Quick Step Flooring is one of the perfect choices for you. Quick Step Flooring is a trusted European flooring brand and a manufacturer of laminate flooring since 1990. This name is well-known for the top of the line laminate floors but also produce an array of commercial carpeting, resilient, vinyl floors, and more other flooring options.

Quick Step Flooring Options Readily Available Today

NatureTEK is Quick Step’s newest line of laminate flooring. This is readily available with unique and beautiful design choices, innovative technology, and longer and wider planks. With this flooring option, you can expect a more enhanced performance against unwanted moisture. Laminate floorings on the NatureTEK line are water-resistant, while those under the NatureTEK Plus and NatureTEK Select lines are waterproof.

Quick Step’s 14 laminate flooring collections feature stunning and gorgeous images of numerous varied types of wood such as cherry, Hickory, Maple, Oak, and more. In some of the collections, planks are over 80 inches and 9 inches wide. The stain choices run from black to white with numerous naturals, grays, browns, and reddish tones.

The Reclaime, being the largest collection available, is featuring both Nature TEK and Nature Select. The wood in this line is oak. However, pine looks in the Nature TEK series are featured. The stain colors vary from the lightest beige of WhiteWash Oak up to Tudor’s dark brown. Two chevron patterns are available in the Select line.

Moreover, Nature TEK collection, also referred to as QS700, carry a more improved features of grain patterns in Maple, Cherry, Merbau, and Oak. The stain choices usually include brown tones ranging from light to dark.

Another part of the TEK Plus collection is the Envique featuring Pine and Oak. Bridal White option in wood also appears like a white painted wood floor. Tuxedo lines look smoked or painted black. The TEK Select line, particularly the Lavish, makes use of Hickory with stains ranging from light to dark gray to brown.

Another TEK Plus collection, the Veriluxe, features the largest plank and makes use of Oak in five available color choices. Apparently, Quick Step flooring, particularly the laminate flooring, provides different options that range from classic stunning beauty up to numerous interesting and updated styles and colors. It is for this reason that the Quick Step flooring is definitely worth the look.

Quick Step Flooring

These are the pros and cons of Quick Step Flooring:


  • Available in a wide array of very realistic and stunning looks and patterns. There is a full spectrum of tones used and made available for you to choose from. Taking, for instance, the plank dimensions; this provides a wide range of beautiful and unique looks. This means that you can easily find various options fitted to your home’s style, taste, and character.
  • Quick Step Flooring products are safe to use. These do not release anything harmful to your workspace or your living space.
  • Products offered have also earned necessary certification, which means that these have successfully met the criteria for flooring strength, performance, and overall quality.
  • Quick Step Flooring is water-resistant and waterproof. This feature makes this flooring easier to deal with, and there are also fewer worries on spills.
  • The flooring products are well treated with a special seal, surface coating, and effective water lock system preventing moisture from mopping and spill to penetrate flooring and cause damages.
  • Quick Step Flooring brand is backed by a lifetime warranty for the residential installation.


  • Some flooring products are not really suited for mudrooms, bathrooms, or any entryway wherein damp shoes are usually left upon the flooring.

Which Quick Step Flooring is Best for You?

There is really no definite answer as to the best Quick Step flooring is best for the best will always depend on one’s needs, the type of property and the exact location in such property where the Quick Step Flooring will be installed. You might also agree that you can always say you end up with the best choice if perfectly suits your exact flooring needs.

Quick Step laminate flooring is also proven to be one of the best choices from Quick Step Flooring. If you want to take your flooring seriously, you can opt for this one simply because this provides the resistance and protection that you need against stains, moisture, and scratches.

Why Choose Quick Step Flooring?

There might be a lot of flooring options available these days, but Quick Step managed to stay on top of the most preferred choices. Some of the many good reasons to choose Quick Step Flooring are as follows:

Elegant Performance

This brand delivers combined latest trends on designs and cutting edge technology. These give your flooring superb performance capabilities.


Safe for the Environment and for the Home as Well

Quick Step Flooring takes full responsibility to ensure that they fully comply with all the regulatory requirements and their own strict environmental standards.


Quality is Guaranteed on All Products

 Every flooring product and options carrying the Quick Step Flooring brand comes with guaranteed quality and unmatched durability. You can never go wrong with this brand when it comes to your flooring needs.



Quick Step Flooring is widely known for its stunning beauty, impressive designs, and excellent quality. Quick Step Flooring is a brand that you can trust, so if the need for top of the line flooring arises, you can always turn to this brand and invest your money on it. Choosing this brand is a decision you won’t regret, and you are sure to reap the amazing benefits of your choice.


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