Best Soft Bristle Broom for a Hardwood Floor

Regular cleaning and dusting are some of the best and advisable practices to keep and maintain your hardwood floor. In various homes, a broom is utilized for this reason. For a reliable sweeping experience and keep your hardwood floor safe and sound, make sure to buy the best soft, bristle broom.

What is the Best Soft Bristle Broom for Hardwood Floors?

The best broom should be made of a natural rubber bristle because they are soft, thus gentle on a hardwood flooring.  The natural rubber picks dust, fur, and other remnants with ease. This also gets rid of small debris with ease that causes them to get away into the air. This makes a soft rubber bristle broom perfect for sweeping and cleaning hardwood floors.

Aside from brooms, micro dust mops and vacuums are also the perfect choice for cleaning and maintaining hardwood flooring. The bristled broom attracts and holds onto debris, dust, and fur without allowing them to get away into the atmosphere.

If you do not have much time, a cheap robot vacuum can be used to give your floor a quick clean every couple of days.

How to Choose the Best Soft Bristle Broom for your Hardwood Floor

There are vital factors that need to be considered while searching for a broom to utilize on hardwood flooring.

A lot of people take for granted the fact that there’s such a considerable array of soft-bristle broom for hardwood floors available on the market today. You may find yourself getting for the first broom on display, thinking that all are the same. Sad to say, this can result in disappointment if you find the broom causes scrapes as well as other problems with the hardwood flooring.

Design and Bristle Material

Regarding purchasing the best soft bristle broom intended for the hardwood floor, you have to begin your search by thinking of the style or design of the broom and the material utilized to generate the bristle.

Even if two bristle brooms seem to utilize an extremely the same style with the bristles, the material which they are made might differ, and one might be safer or gentle on the hardwood floor, reducing the risk of scraping or cutting your hardwood floor.

Even if the thought of purchasing a bristle broom for hardwood flooring means getting your hands on an item, which will not scrape your flooring, you still want an item that can get into the deeper crevasses that might be there in the area.

Make sure to keep in the effective cleaning power of the broom offer. There are products made of plastic bristles that are also good and effective in keeping your hardwood floor clean and safe.

Bristles made of plastic are superbly durable and tough, and what is more, they will not shed compared to other material utilized in the making of broom bristles. What is more, a broom that has plastic bristles normally will have frayed ends. So, meaning they are softer on the hardwood floor surface.

On the other hand, there are also options available that you can consider, such as brooms that have bristle made from horsehair or rubber. They are also regarded as superb and very effective in cleaning and maintaining hardwood flooring.


Another factor that is usually taken for granted associated with soft bristle broom for a hardwood floor is the handle. Handle plays a vital role in this product- so make sure that the handle is not just comfortable to hold but also made from high quality components that will not be harsh on hands.

However, it would help if you made sure that the material can provide you a comfortable grip on the product, minimizing the risk of a broom, which is continuously falling out of hand.

If you are searching for a soft broom for hardwood flooring that can provide you the utmost convenience, choose one which equips with telescopic wand handle. You can easily adjust this handle, making it likely to get the ideal fit according to your height.

If you purchase this kind of soft broom, you can push the handle down with ease to the lowest setting when you are done using the product. This makes storing this kind of brush easier, and what is more, it doesn’t take so much space in your home.


Aside from the handle and bristle, you also need to consider the value or the price of the product. Of course, you want to maximize your purchase, and you don’t want to end up in overspending for a broom that will only cause you to stress as well as disappointment.

Because of this, you have to compare the features; these take account of materials utilized for making the handles and bristles, between many soft brooms available. Then, pay attention to the price of each product. Consider which one will be the perfect choice for your hardwood flooring without spending a lot of money.

Easy to Clean

A clean and dust-free soft-bristle broom for hardwood flooring leaves the floor shiny and sparkling as well as last for many years to come. This is where you need to purchase a broom for a hardwood floor that is easy to clean and maintain. During dusting and cleaning, your broom gets grimy, and when you keep on using it in that condition, the hardwood floor will get smelly, scratched as well as a smudge.

A grimy broom can harbor harmful bacteria as well as organisms that can lead to various medical issues. To make sure the whole thing is functioning well, you need to clean it every day or after use.


It is always advisable to make use of the right product when cleaning a hardwood flooring in order to keep it shiny, clean, and prolong the lifespan. When it comes to cleaning accessories, opt for soft bristle broom hardwood flooring as it is not just effective in getting rid of dirt but also protects the hardwood floor against scratches and smudges. Just ensure to take time to find the best one.

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