How to Find Free Carpet Scraps

Do you know where to find free carpet scraps? What are carpet scraps? Are they useful? Well, carpet scraps or remnants are sheets of carpeting extra from a cut roll or installation. Scraps can also refer to carpet rolls not nearly big enough for carpet installation in a huge room.

Sad to say, some of the best carpets are likely sitting on store shelves but cannot be sold for various reasons. Hence, these rolls of carpets become categorized as carpet scraps. Before we find out where to find free carpet remnants, first lets investigate how we can use carpet scraps.

Uses of Carpet Scraps

Carpet scraps have many uses. These can be utilized anywhere that needs some carpeting or additional underfoot padding. Ideally, a lot of homeowners will purchase carpet scraps and utilize them in their bedrooms or living rooms for additional flair. They look best on top of laminate or hardwood flooring, under furnishing in the living room, and under your bed as well.

Carpet scraps are ideal for some additional pad for children to play on. Also, you can use scraps to assign a play area where children may paint or color. Carpet scraps are also a remarkable way of having a blockade or barricade between your wall to wall basement carpeting as well as messy activities. There are cheap but high quality carpet scraps out there. All are from the renowned brands or manufacturers and are able to put flair to your room.

To Cover Stains

Have a blemish or tarnish on your rug or carpet which you want to conceal? Want to swap out a tattered part for a clean and fresh piece? Search for carpet scraps that are identical to your current floor. In case you find something which blends in, think of making an area rug to freshen up the room and fix your carpet.

Carpet Scrap Binding Works Just Like Typical Binding of Carpet

To join or combine your new rug or carpet to your floor, you have to choose the carpet scraps you wish, get the scrap cut to shape and size, and then combine it to your floor utilizing basic carpentry methods. In case you don’t have an idea on how to combine a carpet scrap, you are able to hire an expert to assist you.

Other essential applications of carpet scraps are as follows:

  • College dormitories
  • Laundry rooms
  • Main door entrances
  • Pets cage
  • Utilize small carpet scraps to move heavy furnishing in hard surface flooring
  • Some cushion for comfort while you are gardening
  • Under the dining set in your kitchen
  • To stand on while cooking or washing dishes.
  • Throw a decent size scrap on deck or patio for children to hang out as well as play on. This is more comfortable than the conventional blanket.

Where to Find Free Carpet Scraps

Even if it may seem unrealistic or unfeasible to get any item without paying, free carpet scraps may be an exception. Basically, carpets scraps are leftover from a bigger carpet are likely to be extremely common in each household.

In most situations, major shops or stores offload carpet scraps of different sizes, shapes, designs as well as qualities into the market, given that they are likely to take up so much space in spite of being part of the main inventory. While planning to acquire some odds and ends to utilize rugs in a high traffic area like the kitchen or to paste or stick together in making a bigger carpet, there are a lot of ways on how to find free carpet scraps.

Big Carpet Dealers

While searching for a free carpet scrap, big carpet dealers are considered the best place which can acquire them from. In many cases, these major carpet dealers are likely to have a huge amount of remnants, which end up taking significance space. As such, they’re always looking to offload these pieces into the market to eager and keen buyers at any time.

It depends on the quality, design as well as the size of the scraps these big stores can sometimes to settle on to give them away for free to their clients. Given the informal nature of these goods or products, usually, they are hard to find, and one must therefore persistently keep paying attention to local sales listing like the craigslist for an updated inventory.

Friends and Family

If you want to know how to find free carpet scraps, you need to consider your family and friends. They can be a good source of free carpet scraps. You can enquire around when anyone might have these items which they are eager to part with for free. In most situations, those who may be moving house or carrying out a remodeling project are likely to have these carpet scraps, which are still valuable and useful but no longer have a use in their homes. You can ask these scraps for free.

Discount Carpet Stores

While the selection of carpet scraps might not be as remarkable as the bigger counterparts, you are able to find free carpet scraps at discount stores. Some discount stores offer to buy one take one, or if you purchase a carpet, you entitled to a free carpet scrap. However, some of these stores have limited selections of carpet scraps. But, if you are lucky enough, you can find one that meets your taste and the interior of your home. All you need to do is to take time and do a proper research.

Online Retailers

Online retailers are indeed the perfect places to find free carpet scraps. What is to have a huge selection of scraps for free, and at the same time relieving you of legwork, all the scraps they offer have an amazing and exceptional design. What is more, there are specific online-based stores that specialize in selling carpet and carpet remnants.


So, if you want to know how to find free carpet scraps, just keep in mind the previously discussed ways. For sure, you will find one that suits your taste.

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