Resista Hardwood Floor Cleaner Reviews

Resista provides DIY floor care products that offer professional results to homeowners thus obliterating the need of a professional expert. We all agree that the floor in your home or office takes some rather large real estate space and consequently plays a significant role in enhancing the aesthetics of your home.

The scratch and scuff marks realized on the floor are because of the load that it supports, some of which are from furniture, machinery, and equipment. The floor is also a victim of high traffic thus predisposed to early wear and tear at least depending on the material used; it, therefore, requires special attention in terms of maintenance.

Resista manufacturers are well aware of the predicaments of the hardwood floor that you have installed in your home and that is why they came up with a special formulation to help with the cleaning of the hardwood floors. Remember also that your floor can impact the health of the dwellers of your household because it plays host to dirt and germs, some that accumulate in dust and others that are brought in by dirty shoes and pets.

Additionally, the type of flooring material that you choose also plays a significant role in your health, because some flooring materials cannot resist the build-up of allergens, while others can. Also, some floor types will continuously eat into your bank balance because of maintenance, so while other floors are easy to clean and maintain, there are those that will take a considerable amount of time before they can be done.

Besides a well cleaned and beautifully maintained floor will directly affect the value of your home, making you to either score the top dollar or have your house remain in the market for the longest time possible. As we have established the much-ignored floor can impact our health and our finances yet the solution is within our reach.

We will, therefore, review the Resista hardwood floor cleaner to give you a better bargaining edge if you plan to re-sale your home, and for those who wish to enhance their health by using the best hardwood floor cleaning products, you can join in.

Resista Hardwood floor cleaner

Resista hardwood floor cleaner is one elusive product, known to offer hardwood floors the much need shine in terms of cleaning. And while other hardwood cleaning products will subtly damage your wood, Resista has obliterated the use of harsh chemicals that might turn against wood and damage or destroy it.

The formulation is safe for use in homes with little kids and pets because it doesn’t produce any toxic fumes nor has it incorporated harsh chemicals in its manufacture, in essence, therefore, is that it is water-based thus also safe for the environment.

Homeowners can use the product without worrying about the dulling residue that is commonly left behind but some renowned hardwood cleaners. The Resista formulation can only be used when cleaning factory pre-finished wood floors, and polyurethane finished hardwood.

If you have by any chance used the various hardwood cleaners in the market then you must have noticed that some of them leave behind a dull finish, but by using Resista then you can expect it to effectively clean by removing the dirt and stains on your floor, and still leave your floor with its original sheen.

Once you manage to get the hardwood cleaning solution by Resista then the process of getting rid of germs and stains is the simplest. So the first thing that you will do is to sweep and then mop the hardwood floor that you intend to clean, using the recommended resista microfiber dusting cloth.

You will then proceed to apply about 8-10 bursts of the Resista cleaner on a 4ft by 4ft area, after which you will wipe with a recommended Resista Microfiber cleaning cloth. So while at you are trying to get your hardwood floor squeaky clean there are some important tips that you should keep at your fingertips.

While cleaning your hardwood floor using the Resista floor cleaner, be sure to rinse the microfiber cleaning cloth frequently to avoid streaking. Also, do not allow the cleaner to form puddles on the floor, so any excesses should be wiped off. And while using the formulation, you are not limited to only cleaning once even though the formulation is pretty powerful, so if the area that you are cleaning is especially dirty don’t hesitate to give it another go.

Other important measures to institute when using Resista Hardwood floor cleaner concerns your health and the parts of your body that are likely to come into contact with the cleaner; so if by any chance the cleaning solution finds it way into your eyes, flush some water into your eyes for up to 15 minutes and if it doesn’t get any better then seek medical attention.

Anytime that you use the Hardwood cleaning solution ensures that you are wearing gloves, but in case of prolonged skin contact then wash your skin with soap and water, if the above is not helpful then consult a physician. Lastly, in case of ingestion, no first aid measures should be availed rather the individual should be rushed to a doctor, do not induce vomiting as the product has been determined to be harmful both on the exterior and interior human organs.


  • Using the cleaner is an easy three-step process
  • The hardwood cleaner is fairly priced and effective
  • Can be used in homes with kids and pets without harming them
  • The 946ml bottle of Resista can be used in a large area but depends on the severity of the dirt


  • Could cause skin and eye irritation
  • Resista company produces an economy refill

Final Thought

Resista offers homeowners a comprehensive solution when it comes to effective home cleaning products. So apart from the hardwood floor cleaner, you could also get the spot remover that is water-based and can thus be used on carpets and rugs without causing discoloration. There is also the Resista ceramic cleaner, and can effectively lift dirt and tough stains from tile.

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