Best Hardwood Floor Polisher and Restorer

Floor polishers and restorer breathe new life to scuffed and scratched hardwood flooring, consequently obliterating the dull and dirty look. Besides, hardwood flooring has been in use before recorded history and has managed to stay relevant over time because it can be repaired, and finished; it can also retain and circulate heat around the house easily than other types of flooring materials.

That bright and glossy fresh-looking hardwood floor you see at your neighbor’s house is not because of renovation but rather because of polishing, the latter has been known to revive and restore dull and old looking hardwood floors thus revamp the overall look of your home. And the benefits of carrying out this process at least every 2-4 months is because it protects your floor from everyday wear and tear.

Apart from polishing and restoring your hardwood floors, thorough cleaning is equally important and should be done every week. A hardwood floor polisher and restorer, therefore, works to bring out the natural attributes of your floor, by minimizing discoloration, and the appearance of scratches and scuffs.

How to Polish Your Hardwood Floor

Below is a step by step procedure of polishing your hardwood floor to achieve the immaculate look.

  • Furniture is an obstruction when it comes to cleaning the floors, you will, therefore, have to remove them including the soft furnishings, so that you can work in a pattern with minimal distraction. So ensure that there isn’t a single piece of furniture left in the room that you want to have the floor polished.

Ensure that you also get the measurements of your home, so you know the amount of polish that you are going to use thus avoid getting stuck in the process. If you, therefore, get that a 32oz bottle covers up to 500sq. ft, then you will have to use at least one full bottle of polish for 5oosq. ft.

  • The second step is to clean, you of course, don’t want to polish on top of dirt; you can, therefore, vacuum your floor or use a sweeping broom to rid your house of debris and dust that might have accumulated under the seats or the carpet. As you clean be sure not to leave scratch marks by using the broom or the vacuum cleaners.
  • The next thing is to determine the finish of your floor, whether it is shellac, lacquered, or polyurethaned. The reason for the above is to find out the type of finish of your floor because, before polishing, you will have to prepare them differently; for example, the shellac or lacquered floor finish will need stripping and waxing at least yearly and you can also not use water on them.
  • Polyurethane floors, on the other hand, act as a shield on your wooden floor thus protects the wood from scratches and spills. Urethane comes in two varieties and with several sheen levels, and that is ranging from glossy to matte. This type of finish is, therefore, hard and the best way to clean it is by using a small amount of water.

How to determine your floor finish

The most basic process of determining your floor finish is by finding the manufacturer, who will then give you the information that you are looking for, but if you bought the home then the simplest method to use is just to ask the owner.

However, there are other processes used to determine and distinguish the different types of floor finishes, so to find out if your floor has a wax finish, find a less obvious spot most probably a corner, then with a white rag and mineral spirits wipe a spot and check the color that is achieved on the rag, if it is brownish or yellow then the finish is most likely wax.

To find out if it is an acrylic wax just place a few drops of ammonia solution, dish soap, and water on the floor and if a white color is produced then it is indeed acrylic wax. Remember the importance of knowing the type of finish on your hardwood floor is to also enable you institute the correct cleaning procedures prior to polishing.

Another floor finishing testing process that produces actionable results is by using, denatured alcohol, or lacquer thinner. Find an inconspicuous spot that is normally under the protection of furniture or a rag, then apply two drops of alcohol, give it a few seconds to get absorbed then touch it with a piece of cloth. Now here we are looking for the feel, if it is tacky then you know that it is water-based, and if it is soft then it is shellac.

But if you don’t achieve any of the above, you will have to use lacquer thinner to help soften the finish, just apply 2-3 drops on a nearby spot, with this one however, you will have to check if it softens to the touch, then you know that it is a lacquer finish.

Cleaning the floor

We initially mentioned about waxed floors and as a rule thumb before polishing they are to be vacuumed or swept and not cleaned with water. For the polyurethane floor, therefore, you will use a mild liquid detergent to clean and ensure not to leave water puddles as it will damage the floors, also ensure that the cleaned surface dries up completely.

The next step is to buff the floors, buffing is normally done to take care of the damages and imperfections in the sealant layers that protect the hardwood floors. So if the finish of your floor is looking dull and scratched then it is important that you buff your floors instead of sanding them, buffing also works well on floors made of tiles as it enhances their luster.

Buffing can be done either by hands or by using a machine, the choice is ultimately yours, so if you choose to buff your floor with your hands then be sure to use a microfiber cloth or a microfiber mop.

Hardwood floor polishing

The wax-based polish is normally used on the types of finishes that haven’t incorporated polyurethane meaning that if you will be dealing with a polyurethane finish then you will use the water-based polish. The polish that you are going to use comes in a container, with labeled instructions and which you must read and implement that is if you wish to protect your floors and get a perfect finish.

Prior to using the floor polish and restorer avoid shaking it like you would shake a medicine bottle rather, rock it back and forth gently, for about 30 seconds to 1 minute to achieve a consistent sheen level.

There are certain types of floors that might need sanding or waxing before polishing so be sure to follow the recommended safety guidelines. As a rule of thumb, you will then proceed to test a small area of your floor with the polish that is before you use on the whole floor, so try on a small piece just to be sure that it won’t discolor your floor.

For the latter, you will be presented with two possibilities one is that the floor might discolor or the polish might work well with the respective floor type. If by any chance you experience damages then professional advice should be sought.

Polish application

This shouldn’t be a problem and you can, therefore, use any of the two methods, (spraying on cloth or applying directly to the floor. You will then proceed to wipe the polish in a semi-circle design (feathering) and to achieve a streak-free finish just overlap the semi-circle strokes.

When applying the polish you have to be strategic so that you don’t ruin your work, the best thing to do, therefore, is to work the corners and the sides while avoiding the middle part as this is your end game. So, as you move to the center you will gradually work towards the door or the exit. There are certain circumstances that warrant for the polish to be applied more than once, however, you will not do this back to back but give the floor a drying interval of 24hrs.

And for the floors that had been previously waxed, you can apply up to 3 layers, and after you have completed polishing give your hardwood floor 24 hours to dry because before then, the floor will be tacky; furniture replacement is after two days and you can wear your shoes on the polished floor after 24hours.

Best Hardwood Floor Polisher and Restorer

Rejuvenate Professional Wood Floor Restorer and Polish

The rejuvenate hardwood polish and restorer gives homeowners a chance to fill in the scratches and protect their hardwood flooring thus you wouldn’t need to sand. The formulation will well cater to up to 525sq. ft. to enable restoration of the whole room with ease. And while other floor polish will have you wait up to 24hrs before you can have your room back, rejuvenate will give you, your room back in 1 hour.

Additionally, the floor polish and hardwood restorer will breathe freshness into your floor with just one application. After application homeowners can expect a satin finish shine, with the floors being capable of resisting spills and stains complete with no waxy build-up. The mop on application will restore the wear and tear that had build up over the years. Additionally, the formulation relieves the homeowner from the process of sanding as it can fill in the scratches and minor dents.


  • Can be used for both residential and commercial
  • Covers up to 525sq. ft.
  • Dry up takes only 1 hour
  • Fills in the scratches and minor dents that would have otherwise required sanding


  • Can only be used on hardwood floors
  • The satin finish doesn’t last too long


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Weiman Wood Floor Polish and Restorer

Weiman hardwood polish and restorer has obliterated any toxic substances in its manufacture that might be harmful to your pets and kids, but to use it, you will have to also invest in the Weiman hardwood floor cleaner for the best outcome. And unlike the previous formulation, Weiman can be used on any finished hardwood surface (engineered hardwood, laminate floors, and vinyl) and you can expect a dry and shiny finish.

The Weiman formulation also works to restore your previously damaged hardwood floor; the micro filling technology will, therefore, rid your floor of scratches, and then form a scratch-resistant layer that will protect your hardwood. The solution will, therefore, remove any greasy messes, including grime and dirt; prevent damages that could be inflicted on your floors, and restore shine and luster to your floors.


  • Offers the perfect finish
  • Safe for pets and kids
  • Leaves a shiny beautiful finish by getting rid of the scratches
  • Can be used on any finished hardwood surface


  • Peels after a short time
  • Leaves streaks on the floor


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Quick Shine High Traffic Hardwood Floor Luster and Polish

Looking to restore your hardwood floors and achieve a quick shine then the Quick Shine high traffic hardwood floor luster is your go-to polish. These products will do a perfect job on multiple surfaces including hardwood, Quick Shine is multipurpose, and will, therefore, clean and restore your hardwood floor.

The formulation prepares your floor to handle heavy traffic, and restores its richness, color, and beauty; when used, the formulation will also add a protective layer that will fill the micro-scratches and consequently even out the appearance of your floor. Application of the formulation does not involve a steep learning curve but be sure to use on clean and dry sealed wood floors that is if you want the polish to last.


  • Made with pure natural plant-based ingredients
  • The hardwood floor product has been EPA approved
  • Restores hardwood floors to their original beauty
  • Easy to use


  • The finish is not the easiest to work with after application
  • Does not work very well with different types of floors


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Bona Hardwood Floor Polish

Apart from adding a durable high gloss shine Bona hardwood floor polish is also a protective formula that has been formulated to revamp the condition of your hardwood floor by filling in the scuffs and micro scratches. You can, therefore, be sure that your floor has been protected against future wear and tear.

Bona can be used every 2 to 4 months so that whenever your floors go dull you can quickly use the formula to achieve a high gloss shine thus bring your floors back to life. An important tip to keep in mind when using Bona hardwood floor polish; is that you should first measure your floor complete with the square footage of the room, to get the right number of bottles for one application.


  • The product has been certified for low chemical emissions into indoor usage
  • Offers protection to the hardwood floors
  • One bottle covers up to 500sq. ft.
  • Can be used on polyurethane finished wood


  • Leaves a tough film on the floor that is difficult to remove
  • Leaves the laminate floor streaky


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Minwax 609604444 Hardwood Floor Reviver

The advantage of using Minwax Hardwood floor reviver is that it does not need you to prepare your floor prior to application; additionally, you will only need to apply one coat and the beauty and luster of your hardwood floors will be restored. Homeowners will hardwood floors that have been scratched or are dull can use this product to refresh.

Minwax Hardwood floor reviver has been formulated to work on polyurethane floors and is a water-based formula meaning it is easy to clean up. Individuals who would want high gloss or sheen then this is not your product but if you are looking for a low professional gloss then knock yourself out.


  • One coat can suffice
  • Easy to use
  • Offers a low gloss
  • Best for polyurethane finish


  • Homeowners complain of a dull unattractive finish
  • The finish doesn’t last too long


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Orange Glo Hardwood Floor 4-in-1 Monthly Polish

Orange Glo will work on your hardwood floors in four significant ways that will leave your floors looking fresh. The formulation will polish your floor giving it the perfect finish, it will then protect it from future scuffs and scratches, it will also revitalize it giving it a fresh look just like new, and lastly, you can expect some shine once done.

Orange Glo has obliterated the use of harmful chemicals that might harm your pet and will work well in homes that experience a lot of foot traffic.


  • Protects the hardwood floor from scratches and scuff marks
  • Enhances the natural beauty of the floors
  • The formulation is less harmful to pets
  • Works well when used in old hardwood floor


  • Smells terrible during application
  • Leaves residue on the floors


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Scott’s Liquid Gold Restore | Renews & Protects Hardwood Floors

Scotts Liquid Gold works to restore your floor to its original glory, the formulation will, therefore, enhance and give life to dull and seemingly worn natural floors. And the best thing is that one application will work the magic and restore your floors for months. One bottle contains the formulation that will cover up to 300sq. ft. thus extend the life of your hardwood floors.

Homeowners can therefore; expect scratches, imperfections, and dullness on their hardwood floors to be treated by this formulation, regardless of whether or not they experience high traffic. The application process is also pretty simple and fast as all you have to do is first ensure that your hardwood floor is clean first by sweeping and then damp mopping.

Give the floor time to dry and then using a clean damp sponge mop spread the formulation evenly on the floor, and be sure to give it time to completely dry.


  • Easy to use
  • One application suffices
  • One bottle covers up to 300sq. ft.
  • Gives life to dull, worn hardwood natural floors


  • Not convenient for the long haul
  • Leaves residue on the floor


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Howard Wood Polish & Conditioner

When it comes to floor polishes it’s all about being unique and offering the best service possible. Howard products FW0016 is unique in that it not only polishes the floor but conditions it also, the polish has, therefore, incorporated both carnauba and the beeswax in its manufacture, the above will not only polish your wood surface to a luster but protect it too.

And to condition your hardwood surface, the formulation will introduce oils, that will feed the wood, thus prevent it from drying and fading, you can, therefore, expect the natural beauty of your hardwood to be revived. Howard is versatile in its use, as it can work with the finished and unfinished wood, and can also be used on antiques like the wood doors, kitchen cabinets and dining tables.


  • Best for homeowners who want to restore a finish
  • Can be used to polish all wood surfaces
  • Can also be used on antiques
  • Enhances the natural beauty and depth of grain


  • The smell is a bit toxic
  • The polish bleaches some types of wood


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The standard set time for homeowners to polish their floors is 2 to 4 months but that also depends on the amount of traffic in the respective homes. Polish and restorer application has to be strategic to avoid being cornered in one area, so the best way would be to polish small sections as you move towards the exit. Don’t forget to first test the polish in a small area of your hardwood floor before using it in the whole house.

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