Should a guest bathroom have a tub?

Most of the bathroom ideas focus mainly on the master bathroom forgetting that it’s not the only bathroom that deserves consideration. A well thought out guest bathroom can be a great gift to your family and friends when they come to visit and also a source of nice compliments to your hospitality.

>While tubs are great for soaking and relaxing after a long day, they can be difficult and uncomfortable for older guests and parents to get in and out of the tub when taking a bath. They’re also not ideal for limited space or a home with small heaters. Most bathrooms offer a standard shower and tub combination, but people are moving away from this standard because this will require a lot of space in the bathroom and this is one thing that most guest bathrooms don’t have.

If you have family members or potential visitors that are older or have a disability, might not be able to use the tub. But a walk-in shower will easier to access, there’s more elbow room, and is convenient. As a good host you want your visitors to feel at home and having a guest bathroom is a great way of giving you and your guests a bit of privacy.

As a homeowner, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you put a tub in a guest bathroom.

How much space do you have? An average bathroom is about 40 sq. feet and a standard tub can be about 15 sq. feet and considering that a lot of activities happen in the bathroom, you’ll need ample space. Most guest bathrooms aren’t that big so putting a tub will take up most of the space available.

Who is using this bathroom? Since you can’t predict the type of guests that come to your home, you want a guest bathroom that will cater to all guests. Young and busy people tend to prefer walk-in showers instead of tubs. Even for most elderly and disabled people, a walk-in shower is easier to get in and out and more convenient. However, for parents with toddlers and babies, a tub will be more convenient but this can be constrained by the space available.

Do you already have a tub? If you already have multiple tubs in your home and there’s one in your small guest bathroom, you can replace it with a walk-in shower to create more room in the bathroom for other activities. However, if there’s enough space in the bathroom, it will come in handy if you get to host a couple with small kids.

Here are some reasons why you should not have a tub

Safety and hygienic reasons

After being stuck on a plane of car for many hours, there’s nothing better than taking a leisure bath to make you feel invigorated. The downside is all the dirt and dead skin cells are left floating on the water and this can cause infections especially to women and this isn’t very hygienic for your guests. Also, most of the falls by elderly people happen when they’re trying to get in and out of tubs.

More space

Although most homes have a shower and tub combination, this design takes up a lot of space in the bathroom. If you have a small guest bathroom, you’ll need to get it remodeled to keep just the shower so there’s more room to move around.

Lack of use

How often do you have guests in your home? If you rarely have guests in your home, you can leave it out of your plans and just install a large shower with multiple shower heads that can fit two people.

Different types of bathtubs



Standard alcove
  • The most common type of bathtub with the same length, width, and height.
  • Excellent in saving space and you can install a shower head in the tub.
  • Have one finished side and is very easy to remove and replace.
  • Have a sleek and welcoming interior design and very versatile when it comes to positioning.
  • Comes in different shapes from oval, square, to free-flowing organic.
  • Designed in stainless steel and other high-end materials.
  • Freestanding four feet-shaped tub that resembles claws.
  • Has a vintage aesthetics that gives it elegance and functionality.
  • Ideal for spacious bathrooms that are easy to clean and access from all angles.
  • Very popular Japanese-style bathtub.
  • Very space-efficient with a higher wall not designed for lying down.
  • Primarily used to soak your entire body.
  • Designed for seniors and people with disabilities who find it difficult to use a regular tub.
  • Have doors to open and close near the floor.
  • Have seats and interior rails.


Whether you decide to have a tub in your guest bathroom or not will ultimately depend on the space available, your budget, and your preference. At the end of the day, you want your guests comfortable and happy in your home.


Do you really need a bathtub?

If soaking in a tub is your sure way of relaxing, a tub is a must. Having or not having a bathtub is a personal decision.

Are bathtubs becoming obsolete?

As people become busier, fewer people are soaking in a tub, and homeowners are increasingly getting rid of tubs and replacing them with high-end showers.

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