How to Remove Dark Spots on Hardwood Floors

Because of its natural beauty, hardwood floors are always a valuable addition to any house. This versatile flooring can go with traditional, modern, urban, or any type of interior design you can think of and could be installed in any room of the house. Yes, even basements and kitchens!

Hardwood type of flooring is also durable and relatively easy to maintain. Marks caused by ordinary wear and tear can be offset by constant cleaning and polishing, giving hardwood floors its unique character. Its remarkable patina affects the mood of the entire house for a homier feel to those who live in it.

It is easy to remove any stain before it seeps through the surface finish and dries. There are some very effective hardwood floor polisher and restorer that you can buy. These can be used to aid you in your floor’s regular cleaning regimen and prevent you from spending more than your monthly cleaning costs.


Wooden Floor

However, there comes an instance when dark spots appear on your hardwood floors. These are often caused by your pets, which often creates a mess with their urine, poop, and vomit. Water spills or leaks, ink, bloodstains, and food that fell and scattered, oil spills and leaks, or even grease may have been accidentally transferred unto your floor. All of these can ruin your beautiful flooring, making it look old and dirty. But don’t panic, there are ways to remove those ugly discolorations!

Tetrachloride Solution

In dealing with dark spots, use a product that contains tetrachloride solution, specifically made to dry clean these stains by applying two to three drops directly to it, as a first step. Then, you must scrub the part where you applied the tetrachloride using a scrub brush with a soft bristle for a few seconds. Carefully wipe the solution off your hardwood floor using a damp cloth. Repeat the process until you’re satisfied that the dark spots are completely gone.

Wood Bleach and Oxalic Acid Mixture For Black Spots

Products that contain wood bleach are available to help you get rid of black stains or spots that are too tough to be erased by home remedies such as ordinary household bleach. Household bleach can only go so far as to remove food, blood, and ink stains. Wood bleaching products are meant to lighten wood and remove blemishes and work effectively when you let it penetrate the wood either by stripping its finish or sanding the part that you want to be treated.

Another way to get rid of black spots on your hardwood floor is by using Oxalic acid. This type of bleach usually takes care of moderate cases of black stains such as rust stains and water spots. You just need to microwave a mixture of one part Oxalic acid and one part distilled water on a high setting. Repeat the process every thirty seconds to make sure that the mixture remains warm. Dipped a paintbrush in the mixture and brushed the spots until the mixture completely covers the spots. Let the mixture dry and just watch out if there is a lightening of the black spots.

You must repeat the application until the spots are gone. Next, neutralize the Oxalic acid with the solution of one gallon of water and three ounces of Borax by applying the Borax solution on the spots using a cloth damped with the same. Then, rinse the Borax solution by using another cloth damped with only water this time. Dry your floor using a towel. Next, use a sandpaper with a fine grit, rubbed the raised wood until it matches the surrounding hardwood floor. Finally, wipe clean and stain, again to match the surrounding surface of your floor.

Baking soda, Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide For Pet Urine Stains

Cat who made a stain on the floorFor specific stains, like pet urine that contains potassium, ammonia, and chloride that are likely to create permanent dark spots, may require sanding or replacement of the affected portion of your wooden flooring. You can use commercial products to remove this kind of stain or a home remedy that includes using baking soda, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide. In a bucket, just mix a cup of vinegar with the same amount of warm water to scrub the stain.


For a stronger stain remover, mix vinegar with baking soda to form a paste-like consistency, apply this paste on the stain and let it dry before you wipe it with a soft piece of cloth. You will notice that white vinegar deodorizes and disinfects as well. For getting rid of the smell, soak a piece of cloth in hydrogen peroxide and cover the urine stain with it for eight hours or more, depending on how strong the odor is. Just a warning, though, Hydrogen Peroxide may discolor your wooden floor as well, and you may be constrained to sand and refinish the affected part.

Sanding and Refinishing

Some dark spots or stains require a substantial amount of effort to remove even if you tried all the products that are available in the market. Dried paint and molds that may have seeped into the finish but have not yet affected the deep part of the wood are great examples of these difficult stains. Sanding these parts using a sandpaper with fine-grit until the stain is thoroughly eliminated, and afterward refinishing and sealing the wood will do the trick. However, the part that you have worked on may look different compared to the rest of your wooden floor.

Stained Wood Replacement

Unfortunately, there are times when the dark spots are beyond repair as when the stain has deeply and completely penetrated the wood, drastically altering its appearance and damaging it as well. Water or your pet’s urine that has seeped deeply and was belatedly noticed, and thus was already absorbed and reacted with your wooden floor’s matter. Professional installation and replacement of your boards and planks are logically needed. Of course, this repair requires money and the most costly way of getting rid of dark stains.

A good way to avoid doing these processes is regularly cleaning and inspecting your wooden floor. You can avoid the hassle and the cost and make sure they last a lifetime.

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