A buying guide for the best roller for satin paint

Without the best roller, you may find yourself leaving streaks and uneven surfaces of satin paint on your wall as you try to paint across your house. With this in mind, it is important for you to know the features that contribute to a high-quality and efficient roller so that you are able to easily pick out one that serves you appropriately.

Satin-finish paint comes as either oil-based or acrylic/latex paint that you can use for the exterior or interior painting of your house. To achieve a uniform finish on your walls, you need to pick out a roller that has a sturdy and durable frame with knit roller covers. This is because knit roller covers have the ability to pick up and release large amounts of paint than roller covers with woven fabrics. They are improved with a looped backing that has a single- pass through that allows for maximum absorption of satin paint.

In this article, we will look at the best rollers for satin paint and give you a short guide on how you can apply satin paint correctly on your wall using the roller that you purchase.

A comparison table

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GlobMarble Wooster BR045 Big Ben Roller Frame
18 inch
Wagner Spraytech 05300100 Powered Roller
Hard plastic
9 inch
Wooster Brush R017 Sherlock Roller Frame
Fiber glass and polypropylene
9 inch
ALAZCO Paint Roller Set
Silicone and polyethylene
3 inch
HomeRight PaintStick EZ-Twist C800952
8 inch

GlobMarble Wooster BR045 Big Ben Roller Frame– the best roller for covering large areas

This roller frame has a handle made of polypropylene material which is durable and rust proof. It has been designed to fit any 18 inches roller covers with either standard or jumbo diameters of all nap heights. You can use it to cover large areas of your household like walls or the ceiling within a short period of time. On the negative side, however, its clips are made of plastic which can break when you are painting.


  • Made with polypropylene durable material
  • Fits 18 inches roller covers
  • Works for all paint types
  • Sherlock GT compatible

It is lightweight so you don’t have to worry about getting tired when using it. Also, it is compatible with all extension poles including the Sherlock GT pole that you would use for no-twist painting and other threaded extension handles. Also, it holds your roller covers in place so you are assured of a smooth finish on your walls and ceilings.


  • It covers a large area in a short period of time
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is rust-free


  • It has plastic clips that are fragile
  • It is not adjustable


The GlobMarble Wooster BR045 Big Ben roller frame would work best for you if you are looking for a roller frame to cover large areas like walls and ceilings with satin paint.

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Wagner Spraytech 05300100 Powered Roller– multi-use electrically powered roller for faster painting

This is a pressure powered roller which enables you to paint large rooms and multiple rooms in your house faster and with more ease. It has been optimized with a reservoir that holds one to 5 gallons of your satin paint so you do not have to go through the constant hassle of refilling it and using trays. Also, you are able to use any kind of extension pole with this roller for added reach while painting. Unfortunately, because of its mechanical system its valves can begin to block as you use satin paint over time.


  • Powered roller
  • Fits 9-inch roller covers
  • Comes with both brushes and roller covers
  • Has a paint reservoir that hold 1-5 gallons of satin paint
  • Has a 16 ft. hose that feeds it paint

It is easy to clean and install which makes it more convenient to use. Aside from that, it has been designed to work well with satin paint and it comes with a set of brushes and roller covers which is a comprehensive package that reduces your costs.


  • It helps cover a large area within a short period of time
  • It has an auto feed control mechanism that allows for continuous painting
  • It is easy to clean up
  • It has a quick release handle


  • Its valves block with paint over time


The Wagner Spraytech 05300100 Powered roller is a less time consuming option when you want to paint and would work well for you if you are doing a satin paint job in large rooms or homes with multiple rooms.

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Wooster Brush R017 Sherlock Roller Frame

This roller has been designed with a strong and wide wire cage which holds the nap of your roller cover in place tightly to reduce the mess that would happen if it slips while you are painting. It is made of a long-lasting fiber glass material. Regrettably, this roller frame does not come with roller covers which means that you will have to incur extra costs to cater for this and it makes a lot of squeaking noises as you paint through your walls, doors or ceiling.


  • It has smooth internal bearings
  • Fits 9-inch roller covers
  • It comes with a threaded handle
  • It has a quick release spring

It has a quick release spring that allows you to easily remove your roller covers by tapping onto the sink on the roller frame. It also has smooth bearings which makes it easier for you to operate the roller when painting. This roller frame comes with a threaded handle that allows you to fir in an extension place to increase your reach as you paint towards the ceiling.


  • It has a strong wired cage which prevent slipping of roller covers
  • It comes with a threaded handle to support extension poles
  • It has smooth bearings for easy rolling
  • It is easy to remove roller covers through one tap


  • It makes a lot of squeaking noises while painting
  • It does not come with roller covers


If you are looking for a durable roller to fir your 9 inch roller covers and is compatible with all extension poles including the Sherlock GT, you would be impressed by the efficiency of the Wooster Brush R017 Roller frame.

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ALAZCO Paint Roller Set– suitable for refilling corners, edges and small areas

The ALAZCO paint roller set comes as a comprehensive package with one roller frame and three roller covers that are shed resistant. You can use it to paint trims and to reach corners and edges of your walls. You can also use it to paint smaller areas around your house and Window frames. Unfortunately, you can only use this roller for your indoor walls but not for the exterior ones.


  • It comes with 1 roller frame and three roller covers
  • It fits 3-inch roller covers
  • It is Shed resistant

It has been optimized with polyethylene fibers that have been woven into an interlocking pattern that allows it to absorb extra satin paint when you are painting. It has a solvent resistant core and it works with a smooth free-spin action that saves your energy while painting. It has a non-slip handle that keeps the roller covers in place as you enjoy a comfortable grip while painting.


  • It helps you cover hard access areas like corners and edges of your walls
  • Its roller covers are woven for maximum absorption of satin paint
  • It is easy to use and clean


  • Only works for interior walls
  • Does not have a quick spring release


When painting your house with satin paint, there are times when your 9-inch or 18-inch roller may not reach the corners and the edges. This is where the ALAZCO paint roller set comes in.

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HomeRight PaintStick EZ-Twist C800952 roller – suitable for painting homes with high walls

Advantageously, when you are using the HomeRight PaintStick EZ Twist C800952 roller, you are able to cover both large and small areas in one setting because it has an adjustable frame that can fir both 8 inches and 4 inches roller covers so you do not have to buy a smaller roller separately. Unfortunately, the pole may sometimes slide downwards when you are painting on your walls.


  • It comes with a twistable handle
  • It comes with shed resistant roller covers
  • It comes with an integrated extension pole
  • It is adjustable to fit 8 inch and 4 inch roller covers

This roller comes with a thick wire that prevents the cover from slipping so you don’t have to worry about causing a mess while painting. It holds 18 0z. Of paint which saves you from frequent dipping. It comes with shed resistant roller covers which assure its durability. Also, it is easy to clean up through a simple wash.


  • You are able to twist the handle to your preferred side while painting
  • There is no cover slippage when using it


  • Slippery pole may cause a mess


If you are in need of a roller that readily cones with an extended handle for easier reach to hard access areas to avoid using ladders frequently, you would love the HomeRight PaintStick EZ- Twist C800952 paint roller.

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How to apply satin paint on your walls

Satin paint has a shiny effect on it and you can use them on your kitchen and bathroom walls. The advantage of satin paint is that doesn’t let dust, stains or dirt to stick onto it which makes it is easy for you to clean and scrub when this happens. On the negative side, when you do not properly apply satin paint on your kitchen and bathroom walls or any other walls around your house, it can highlight the imperfect parts of your wall that have cracks, patches or divots because of its glossy nature.

In this section, we will show you the steps you need to take when applying satin paint on your walls when you are choosing to use a roller.

Step one: Prepare the wall surface onto which you intend to paint

To begin the wall surface preparation process, you need to ensure that the room you are painting does not have furniture or any objects that would get in the way as you paint because sometimes the satin paint may spill and damage them.

Sometimes your wall may have cracks or nail holes that can make the satin paint crack or peel off when applied over them. You need to ensure that you have properly filled up the cracks and holes on your wall and afterwards sandpaper them in such a way that they do not cause dents while painting. When you prepare the surface properly, you are able to prevent paint failure which is the main thing that you need to avoid so that you are able to achieve a perfect finish.

Step two: Apply the primer onto your already prepared wall surface

When painting the walls in your house, you need to always ensure that you apply primer before the satin paint. This is crucial because primer is what lets the satin paint seamlessly stick onto your wall. Also, you need to pick out primer that matches satin paint and should also match the roller that you have purchased.

The primer that you apply needs to have an even finish and you should afterwards sand it so that it does not form bumps or peel off as you paint.

Step three: Apply satin paint over your primed wall surface

As we have discussed earlier, satin paint comes as either an oil based paint or an acrylic paint. The one that you choose to use should be properly mixed to the color of your choice and to a viscous solution so that you can easily apply it onto your wall.

When you are painting large areas, you can use 9inch or 18inch rollers to paint over your walls while when you are painting small areas and corners you can use 3inch or 4 inch rollers that can help you navigate easily. Generally, you need to ensure that you are using knot covers to make the finish way better.

When applying, you need to ensure that you have a paint tray unless the roller comes with its own reservoir. You can starts painting the section that is slightly further from your ceiling, wall edges and corners and then apply in a zigzag motion in a smooth way to avoid a buildup of thick paint over your wall. Once you are done with the whole wall, you can switch to the smaller roller and paint the hard to reach areas. After it has all dried, you can apply another coat of paint to get a bolder color on your wall.

Final thoughts

Picking out the best roller and applying satin paint correctly over your wall surface is key to achieving a smooth and brilliant finish in your house. You should take time to research on which roller fits well with your satin paint and one that works efficiently.

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