Sheetrock Vs Drywall

Drywall is used in the construction of walls and ceilings; architects, also use drywall to create different designs such as arches, eaves among other architectural specialties. The reason why this product has gained popularity in the construction industry around the globe since its discovery is because it is quick and easy to install, it is … Read more

Which drywall is best for basements?

Most basements are dark, musty, damp, humid, and have very little natural lighting and full of stuff that hasn’t been used for a long. However, you can turn this room into comfortable living quarters which can be a nice extension to your home. Most contractors use drywall for the walls and ceiling which is an … Read more

Should bathroom doors open in or out?

People visit the bathroom for many reasons, the most obvious is to answer a call of nature, to clean your hands or clean up a mishap on your clothes, or to freshen up, while some use the restroom to take a selfie. Most people are accustomed to opening doors inward even bathroom doors. With years … Read more

Should a guest bathroom have a tub?

Most of the bathroom ideas focus mainly on the master bathroom forgetting that it’s not the only bathroom that deserves consideration. A well thought out guest bathroom can be a great gift to your family and friends when they come to visit and also a source of nice compliments to your hospitality. >While tubs are … Read more

Does a bathroom remodel need a permit?

It’s very exciting when you decide to give your home a facelift like remodeling your bathroom. Apart from the costs, there are other important factors you have to consider before your DIY remodel. You need to ensure you have all the permits needed and how much it will cost you. So the short answer to … Read more